The 2nd edition of SQLScript for SAP HANA is now available.

The 2nd edition of SQLScript for SAP HANA is now available.

Officially, the 2nd edition of SQLScript for SAP HANA, the English edition of my book, has been available since mid-August. Today I received my author copies from SAP PRESS and for the first time I am holding a bound copy in my hand. The format has become slightly larger. And the colouring corresponds to the German edition.

Comparison 1st and 2nd edition

Comparison between 1st and 2nd edition

In terms of content, a lot has changed. Some topics are new, some small things have been corrected or optimized and one item has even been removed: the Web-Based Development Workbench on the Neo Cloud environment will probably no longer play a role.

New topics in the 2nd edition of SQLScript for SAP HANA

Some topics have been added in SP3 and SP4 of HANA 2.0, which have also found their way into the new edition. And I had simply forgotten one important point in the first edition. ;-)

What else has changed from the first edition

And, of course, there are countless other minor additions and corrections. For example, many screenshots of the BW interfaces in the SAP GUI were replaced by the new BW/4HANA interfaces in Eclipse.

Although the content has increased, the new edition has fewer pages. This is due to the new, larger format.

Is it worth buying if you already have the first edition?

The basics about SQLScript in the book haven't changed. Thus, the update to the 2nd edition is not necessary for beginners in the subject. But for professionals interested in the latest features, it may be worth buying. And, of course, it should be the current edition for the company library, so that employees are always up to date.

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