The 2nd edition of SQLScript for SAP HANA will be published in August

The 2nd edition of SQLScript for SAP HANA will be published in August

The 2nd edition of the English edition of SQLScript for SAP HANA is scheduled for release on August 26, 2021. The issue is updated and expanded with a few new topics. It thus largely corresponds to the current German edition.

New topics

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SQLScript for SAP HANA 2nd Edition

Other topics include:

  • Lateral Join - The term lateral join is somewhat misleading, as it is not another type of join, such as inner join or left outer join. Rather, a lateral join is a join where the join partner is a correlated subquery or function. You can think of a lateral join as executing the subquery separately for each row of the previous result. It is possible to access the data of the current row by the correlation name.
  • The SQLSCRIPT_STRING library provides additional functions for processing character strings:
    • With SPLIT you can split a string of separators into several small sections
    • With FORMAT you can format a string with a syntax from the Python language
    • And with TABLE_SUMMARY you can make a string out of a table
  • With ABAP BASIS 7.53, scalar AMDP functions are possible. This is very important, especially for BW/4HANA routine development, since this was not possible until now.
  • Data series can be generated with the SERIES_GENERATE functions. This is especially handy for date values.

And, of course, there are countless other minor additions and corrections. For example, many screenshots of the BW interfaces in the SAP GUI were replaced by the new BW/4HANA interfaces in Eclipse.

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