Review 10. HANA Tech Night & SAP CodeJam

Review 10. HANA Tech Night & SAP CodeJam

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Jörg Brandeis

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The cover picture of the article symbolises the day: HANA Tech Night is celebrating its 10th birthday. And as with every HTN, there will be pizza and beer. But not only...

A brief look back at SAP CodeJam and the 10th HANA Tech Night, both held on 3 June in Mannheim. It was a really successful day where I learnt a lot, had a lot of fun and met many interesting people. Unfortunately, it took me a few days to finish this article. The last two weeks were very exhausting with Code Connect and training courses.

The SAP CodeJam Machine Learning

My most exciting SAP CodeJam to date! Vitaliy Rudnitskiy gave an excellent presentation on the topic of machine learning. Entertaining, informative and not a lot of typing or copy & paste. Thanks to Jupyter Notebook, the exercises are very easy!

There were a few spontaneous changes to the planned agenda:

  • Christohp Morgen gave uns some additional Informations about the Predictive Analysis Libary (PAL)
  • The coffee machine broke down. I got the portafilter coffee machine from the office at short notice and then acted as a barista.
  • At the end, Benedict showed us a bit about text mining.

CodeJam Vitaly

Vitaliy Rudnitskiy starts the SAP CodeJam

CodeJam BB

Benedict Baur shows some ad hoc text mining

CodeJam Kaffemaschine

Jörg at the replacement coffee machine


There were still two hours between Code Jam and HTN. So we fired up the barbecue and got started with the refreshments.

10th HANA Tech Night

A Primer to SAP HANA Cloud's Vector Engine

Mathias Kemeter

In this presentation, Mathias Kemeter introduced us to the SAP HANA Vector Engine. An exciting topic that has a lot of potential, especially in combination with Generative AI.

Download the slides

HTN Mathias

Mathias Kemeter

Integration of Machine Learning in Calculation Views - a Use Case for Customer data segmentation

Benedict Baur, 2nd round

HTN Talk BB2

Benedict Baur

Benedict's second presentation was about Calculation Views and Machine Learning.

Download the slides

Exchange of experiences SAP Datasphere

Christopher Kampmann

HTN Christopher

Christopher Kampmann

Last but not least came the presentation by Christopher Kampmann. He shared some practical experiences from SAP DataSphere projects with us. There is a very interesting point on the slides: Bitemporal master data. This always puts developers and consultants in a knot.

Download the slides


As always, the HANA Tech Night was a great event with outstanding presentations and lots of interesting contacts. With the SAP CodeJam before and the barbecue event in between, it was taken to a whole new level.

I'm already looking forward to the next 10 HANA Tech Nights!