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SQLScript Basics
The SQL dialect for the

The programming language SQLScript is the basis for many things: AMDP, CDS Table Functions, database procedures

Transformation routines for BW/4HANA

Use the full power of the SAP HANA database for your data in SAP BW.

CDS Views
Embedded Analytics for S/4HANA

Extend your applications with Core Data Services (CDS) for ABAP.

HANA SQL Performance
Fast execution requires many factors

Learn how to write SQLScript code that can run at the speed of light.

Calculation Views
Data models in the
HANA Database

HANA data models with Calculation Views allow a fast evaluation of your data.

HANA Studio & Eclipse
Entry into the development environment for S/4HANA and BW/4HANA

Learn the concepts, tips and tricks to work much more efficiently with Eclipse than with the good old SE80. And with S/4HANA at the latest there is no way around it.

SQLScript for ABAP Developers
With AMDPs, you can accelerate your S/4HANA

With AMDP you can use SQLScript procedures and CDS table functions from ABAP. Accelerate your custom development in S/4HANA

SQLScript for Advanced
Performance Analysis and Imperative Programming

The programming language SQLScript is the basis for many things: AMDP, CDS Table Functions, database procedures

And more...
We offer a variety of special topics

Ask us. We have an extensive network of real experts.

Tailor-made for your project

Trainings à la carte

Tailored to your project requirements, your team and your system status.

Find out the relevant topics from the overall program and put together an individual menu for your team.

As a team or alone, on site or online

The right format for everyone

The different formats can also be flexibly combined, e.g.:

  • SQLScript Basics as a Video Course
  • AMDP and BW themes as in-house event

Open training

All training courses are regularly offered here in Mannheim. Ideal for self-employed persons, individual participants or small teams.

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only possible online

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