Training from the author of the book “SQLScript for SAP HANA”.

Welcome to Brandeis Consulting. We are an independent company focusing on training and consulting around SAP BW/4HANA and the SAP HANA database.

Our aim is that all participants are so enthusiastic about the training that they recommend us to others. This has worked well in the past, as in 2020 we acquired over 50% of new customers through personal referrals. You too can enjoy SAP training from a professional.

SAP technology training from the professionals

The training offer

Our most popular standard training courses as a complete package. They are offered regularly as open events for everyone or can be booked as company events.

Your introduction to HANA SQL

SQLScript Basics

The SQLScript programming language is the basis for many developments: AMDPs, CDS Table Functions and database procedures.

The focus on the BW AMDP transformation routines

SQLScript for BW Consultants

Use the full performance of the SAP HANA database for your data in SAP BW/4HANA and BW on HANA!

For native data models in SAP HANA

Calculation Views in SAP HANA

HANA data models with Calculation Views allow you to quickly evaluate your data. With the Composite Providers, these can be seamlessly integrated into BW/4HANA.

For the performance boost in S/4HANA

SQLScript for ABAP Developers

With AMDP you can use SQLScript procedures and CDS table functions from ABAP programs. Certify your customer developments in S/4HANA.

The additional modules

The standard training courses can be extended as required with the following additional modules. The contents are coordinated and complement each other.

When speed matters

HANA SQL Performance

Learn how to write SQLScript code that can run at the speed of light. And how to analyze execution plans with PlanViz.

The changeover for ABAP developers

HANA Studio and Eclipse

With Eclipse provides great features for developing ABAP and SQLScript. Unfortunately, most of the functions are well hidden.

The supplement

Imperative SQLScript

Declarative programming with SQLScript occasionally reaches its limits. Here you will learn additional ways and means

More powerful than SE11 Views

CDS Views Introduction

With Core Data Services (CDS), you can package complex logic in database views. This makes SAP HANA performance usable in ABAP programs as well.

For highest flexibility in the database

Dynamic SQLScript

HANA data models with Calculation Views allow a fast evaluation of your data. With the Composite Provider, you can also seamlessly migrate to BW/4HANA.

The supplement

Modularization with AMDP

Reuse of common logic in AMDP transformation routines requires a good understanding of the static

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Office hours

You are welcome to attend one of our regular, free SQLScript office hours. Simply select a date below and register on the appropriate form. Gladly also, in order to look past simply times witthout obligation. We will then send the Zoom access data to the registered participants.

  • 29. November 2021 – SAP ABAP und HANA Programmiersprechstunde (1/19)
  • 06. December 2021 – SAP ABAP und HANA Programmiersprechstunde (0/20)
  • 13. December 2021 – SAP ABAP und HANA Programmiersprechstunde (0/20)
  • 20. December 2021 – SAP ABAP und HANA Programmiersprechstunde (0/20)
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