Calculation Views in SAP HANA

undefined Calculation Views in SAP HANA

HANA data models with Calculation Views allow you to quickly evaluate your data. With the Composite Providers, these can be seamlessly integrated into BW/4HANA.

Data modeling with Calculation Views in the SAP HANA database offers extensive possibilities for virtualizing reporting. In contrast to the classic data warehouse approach, data processing takes place at the time of the report. The virtual data models allow for a much more flexible area in which requirements can be implemented agilely.


  • Types of Calculation Views
    • Cube
    • Dimension
    • Scripted
  • Aggregation node
  • Restricted columns
  • Join node
  • Calculated column
  • Parameters and variables
  • Currency and quantity conversion
  • Generation and use of external views of BW objects
  • Analytical Privileges
  • Scripted Views & Table Functions

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