Demo Content for the training SQLScript for BW-Consultants

Demo Content for the training SQLScript for BW-Consultants

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Jörg Brandeis

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This document describes the required steps to import the Transport A4HK990070 which contains the demo data model for the training “SQLScript for BW-Consultants” and a report for generating some data. Some screenshots in this document may refer to a different transport number. But A4HK990070 is the correct one.

System Requirements

Optimum: SAP BW/4HANA 2021 – The transport was crated on such a system. On other versions, the component version must be ignored during import. Post-Installation steps may be required.

Preparation steps

The source system BW_SCHEMA must exist before the import of the transport:

Figure 1: Source System BW\_SCHEMA must exist

If BW_SCHEMA is not existing, please create a Source System of the Connection Type SAP HANA Local Database Schema, which points to the database schema of the BW system.

Figure 2: Properties of the Source System BW_SCHEMA


Please tick the checkbox Ignore Invalid Component Version in the import dialog and import the transport request.

Figure 3: Import Dialog

Check the Import

After a successful Imoprt, there should be four new InfoAras and some ADSOs below. The ADSOs were created with the following naming pattern:

  • Prefix: ZBR_
  • Exercise Number: E1, E2, E3, E4
  • Suffix:
    • _S – Source DSO for the Exercise
    • _T0 – Sample Solution

Figure 4: Demo Content contains also some DSOs, that were created by the students of the training. They used the suffix _T<x>, where <x> is the group number.

Figure 4: Demo Content

Generation and load of the data

Execute the report ZCREATE_DEMO_DATA in transaction SA38 to generate the data. This can take some time. You can execute this step, even if the BW-Objects are inactive.

After generating the data, the DTP load in the five source ADSO for each exercise can be started:

  • ZBR_E0_S
  • ZBR_E1_S
  • ZBR_E2_S
  • ZBR_E3_S
  • ZBR_E4_S

Please activate the data afterwards.


Even if the import of the request crashes, most of the content is already in the system.Due to the fact, that the BW content is required on the second day of the training, we can fix it together on the first day.