If you want to train several colleagues in your company at the same time, then I also offer in-house training. This allows you to benefit from many advantages over open events. The first is of course the price. From 4 participants it is often worth it. Above all, however, you benefit from this because the training is tailored exactly to your company.

Your program

You can set priorities. Depending on what qualifications and experience your team already has. And also depending on what is important for your current projects.

However, programme planning should not be done ad hoc during an event. It is best if we discuss the topics 2-3 weeks in advance by telephone or WebEx. Then I can prepare myself well and offer you a tailor-made event.

Your rooms

In-house training can take place in the familiar environment of your employees. This can have several advantages. On the one hand, you save your employees the trip. This, of course, eliminates travel expenses and the associated organizational effort. On the other hand, this also offers a high degree of flexibility for the participants. If, for example, a heterogeneous group is to be trained, the participants can be added according to their level of knowledge and topic.

Your systems

Every system stand is different. When the training takes place on your systems, you can be confident that you are learning on exactly the right version of the development environment, application server, and HANA database. This also allows you to take a look at problems from your practice during the event.

Request for Inhouse Training

Please fill out the form if you are planning a training course or if you want to inform yourself without obligation. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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