This page deals with the “traditional” SAP programming language ABAP. Even though our focus is on SAP HANA technology and the associated SAP HANA SQL dialect SQLScript, good old ABAP plays a major role in all SAP BW/4HANA projects. In many places it is without alternative, in other places it is simply practical.

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AMDP (ABAP Managed Database Procedures)

With the ABAP Managed Database Procedures, or AMDP for short, SAP succeeds in making the performance of the SAP HANA database in ABAP developments easy …

AMDPs can also be used to solve many things where performance is not a concern nor mass data. Sometimes the SQLScript language is just better suited for solving a problem. For example, the Window Functions provide a simple and elegant alternative for calculations in LOOPs, where we have

  • store values from the previous loop pass in a variable and
  • In the control break with AT NEW, delete this variable again and
  • perform cross-line calculations with this variable.

These algorithms are error-prone and can often be solved very elegantly in SQLScript by using a window function.

AMDP Example

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