Training SQLScript for SAP BW Consultants

Course description

The two-day training “SQLScript for BW Consultants” is the most frequently booked training. Whether on-site in your company,as an open training here in Mannheim oras an online event. This event can also be booked in English!

As an SAP BW consultant, use the full potential of the SAP HANA database in your BW/4HANA or BW on HANA system. Learn to write effective SQLScriptcode in the AMDP routines of the transformations and use SAP HANA exits for your query variables.

Most problems in BW transformations can be solved much more elegantly and performantly with declarative SQLScript code than with ABAP. The aim of the training is to rethink the participants and to learn how to solve the problems with SQL tools. That’s why I only come up with the concepts of imperative programming in my training SQLScript for advanced users. My experience is that developers tend to replicate the existing ABAP logic 1:1 with imperative coding. This is neither beautiful nor fast. In doing so, one sides the chance to solve the problems much more elegantly with declarative code.

Target audience

This training is aimed at SAP BW consultants and developers who want to work on a BW on HANA or BW/4HANA system landscape. This does not require experience with SQLScript, but basic programming skills should be available, ideally in ABAP or SQL.

My book “SQLScript for SAP HANA” is used as training material. That’s why every participant receives a personal copy at his first training.


About SQLScript:

  • What is the SQLScript programming language?
  • Why is SAP HANA so fast and what does this have to do with SQLScript?

Basics of the programming language

  • Syntactic Basics
  • Expressions
  • Simple SELECT statements
  • Procedures and functions
  • Processing of date/time/strings/amounts/quantities

Declarative programming

  • Anonymous blocks
  • Local variables
  • Creating procedures and functions
  • Variables

AMDP and SAP BW Transformations

  • Declarative programming
  • AMDP Framework
  • AMDP routines in transformations
  • Best Practices AMDP Routines
  • Modularization in AMDP Transformations

HANA Exit variables with SQLScript (Optional)

  • Creating the extension implementation


  • SQL console
  • Web-Based Development Workbench
  • SQLScript debugger
  • AMDP debugger
  • SAP HANA Studio with ABAP Development Tools and BW Modelling Tools

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