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The two-day training course „SQLScript for BW Consultants“ is the most frequently booked training course of Brandeis Consulting! As an SAP BW consultant, you can use the full potential of the SAP HANA database in your BW/4HANA or BW on HANA system. Learn to write effective SQLScript code in the AMDP routines of the transformations.

Most problems in BW transformations can be solved much more elegantly and with better performance with declarative SQLScript code than with ABAP. The aim of the course is to make participants rethink their approach and learn how to solve problems using SQL tools.

My experience is that developers tend to copy the existing ABAP logic 1:1 with imperative coding. This is neither nice nor fast. In doing so, one misses the chance to solve the problems much more elegantly with declarative code.

Target Group

This training is intended for SAP BW consultants and developers who want to work on a BW on HANA or BW/4HANA system landscape. No experience with SQLScript is required, but basic knowledge of programming is essential, ideally in ABAP or SQL.

My book „SQLScript for SAP HANA“ is used as training material. For this reason, each participant receives a personal copy of my book as at his or her first training session.


About SQLScript

  • What is the programming language SQLScript?
  • Why is SAP HANA so fast and what does this have to do with SQLScript?

Basics of the programming language

  • Syntactical basics
  • expressions
  • Simple SELECT statements
  • Procedures and functions
  • processing of date/time/character strings/amounts/quantities

Declarative programming

  • local variables
  • Creating procedures and functions
  • system variables

AMDP and SAP BW Transformations

  • Declarative programming
  • AMDP Framework
  • AMDP routines in transformations
  • Best Practices AMDP routines
  • modularization in AMDP transformations

Variables of type HANA Exit with SQLScript (optional)

  • Create the enhancement implementation


  • SQL console
  • Web-Based Development Workbench
  • SQLScript Debugger
  • AMDP debugger
  • SAP HANA Studio with ABAP Development Tools and BW Modeling Tool


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  • This online training will be split into 3 morings
  • For the HANA part of the training, we will provide a central training system. For the exercises in BW you should bring your own system. Please contact me in advance, if this is not possible.


Ab 01. Februar 2021

AMDP – SQLScript für ABAP Programme
(Online, Deutsch, 01.02 - 04.02)
SQLScript für BW-Berater
(Online, Deutsch, 01.02 - 05.02)
SQLScript Grundlagen
(Online, Deutsch, 01.02 - 03.02)

Ab 12. April 2021

AMDP – SQLScript für ABAP Programme
(Online, Deutsch, 12.04 - 15.04)
SQLScript für BW-Berater
(Online, Deutsch, 12.04 - 16.04)
SQLScript Grundlagen
(Online, Deutsch, 12.04 - 14.04)

Kursbuchung Online Training SQLScript for BW-Consultants am 22. & 24. Juni 2020

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Buchungen sind für diese Veranstaltung nicht mehr möglich.

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