Live Online Training

Training as a webinar

Recording for the participants

The events are recorded on request. These recordings are made available to participants in the Learning Portal for 3 months for follow-up.

Learning portal (LMS)

The Learning Portal displays all lessons. Here you can view all slides, other materials and links. And afterwards you will also find the recordings of the event here.

All Live!

You don't see a recording. With the video conferencing system, you can always give feedback and ask questions. The event will be accompanied by several exercises.

Professional technology

A professional webcam, a studio microphone and a broadband Internet connection. Together with a proven videoconferencing system, the webinar feels like I'm with you.

Proven content

More than 200 satisfied participants can confirm the quality of the training content. All events are held by highly qualified, experienced experts. No Blah Blah, no marketing!

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you didn't like the Live Online Training, you can take part in one of my classroom training sessions for free.

Live Online Training

All training can also take place online. You can participate from anywhere in the world and you only need a computer with Internet access. This saves us travel time and costs and allows you to still enjoy the training.
  • The connection is made via the Zoom software. The sound is transmitted as well as a live image of the webcam and the monitor content. All participants should use a webcam so that they are visible to the other participants.
  • Access to the training systems is online. The exercises can be performed on these systems.
  • The book “SQLScript for SAP HANA” as well as a booklet with practice tasks will be sent to you in advance by post.

For the success of a remote training course, you should ensure the following points:

  • A quiet workplace, preferably alone in one room.
  • No disturbances. Don’t be reachable by phone or email. Don’t be interrupted just because you’re in the office.
  • Sufficient time. Take your time, as if for a presence event.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you didn’t like the Live Online Training, you can take part in one of the regular classroom training sessions in Mannheim free of charge. So you don’t take any risks. Events can be found here.

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