HANA Studio & Eclipse Training

Transition to the development environment
for S/4HANA and BW/4HANA

Course description

Using HANA Studios or Eclipse with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) significantly accelerates ABAP development. For customer developments in the S/4HANA or the BW/4HANA, there is no way around it. Unfortunately, the software is not really intuitive and some concepts are simply completely different than previously known from the SAP GUI. Many developers and consultants lack the simplest basics of the new development environment, which is why they are reluctant to switch and often complain about Eclipse. 

This course is intended to make it easier for the participants to switch and explain all the necessary concepts, to be able to work as productively in the HANA Studio or Eclipse as with the SAP GUI. In some areas, Eclipse is even significantly superior and accelerates development considerably.  

The course can be run with different focus (ABAP or BW), depending on the previous experience and assignment field of the participants. The course can also be perfectly combined with the following training courses:

Target audience

ABAP Developers and BW Consultants


This is just an excerpt of the possible topics. The actual focal points for a training are discussed in advance, so that the training offers what is most useful to you in your daily work. 

Basic concepts in Eclipse

  • HANA Studio and Eclipse – Where’s the difference?
  • Plugins
  • Views and Perspectives
  • Locks
  • Navigation 

ABAP development in the ADTs

  • Source-based editor
  • Refactoring source code
  • Inline documentation with ABAP Doc
  • AMDP Development
  • Test classes

BW modeling in HANA Studio

  • New surfaces for DTP and transformations
  • Data Flow Objects
  • Data preview
  • AMDP Transformation Routines

CDS Development 

  • Basics CDS
  • CDS Wizards
  • CDS Table Functions

Course formats

  • Individual training online or in-house
  • Video training in preparation


Approx. 1 day, depending on focus and previous knowledge

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