SAP training

The topics of our SAP training courses

We are all about the new technologies with the SAP HANA database. This covers both the new possibilities in SAP BW/4HANA and the native modeling of data in the database.

The profound introduction to ABAP CDS

The Core Data Services (ABAP CDS) form the foundation for modern applications on the ABAP technology stack.
7h - 14h (1-2 days)
Level: CDS beginner for advanced ABAP developers
All new features of the ABAP language

The Modern ABAP course teaches the many new enhancements to the ABAP language that are necessary for using SAP HANA and Cloud.
5 days
For advanced ABAP developers
Modern development in SAP BW

The course ABAP Programming in BW/4HANA brings you up to date with the latest developments in SAP BW.
3-8 days
According to your individual needs
For native data models in SAP HANA

HANA data models with Calculation Views allow you to quickly evaluate your data. With the Composite Providers, these can be seamlessly integrated into BW/4HANA.
2-3 days
Your introduction to HANA SQL

The SQLScript Basics course is your introduction to programming in the SAP HANA database. Whether for SAP BW/4HANA, S/4HANA or native HANA developments - there is no way around it.
For performance boost in S/4HANA

With AMDP you can use SQLScript procedures and CDS table functions from ABAP programs. Accelerate your customer developments in S/4HANA.
2-4 days
SQL: Basic, ABAP: Intermediate
The focus on the AMDP transformation routines

As an SAP BW consultant, learn to exploit the full potential of the SAP HANA database in your BW system. With SQLScript in AMDP routines and in HANA exits.
2 - 4 days
SQL: Basic, ABAP/BW: Intermediate

The training formats

Ideal for teams of 4 or more

Individual company training

A tailor-made program for you, which is exactly adapted to your team, your problems and your system status.

Ideal for self-employed and small teams

Open training

Our training weeks on SQLScript and SAP HANA Calculation Views take place every 2 months on fixed dates. You can choose modularly from our range of training courses and put together the training that suits you best.

Ideal for self-learners

e-learning courses

Recorded video courses with lots of exercises, examples and regular live consultation sessions. The courses are divided into a weekly structure, which should make it easier to keep up.

The trainers

Jörg Brandeis

Geschäftsführer, Trainer & Berater

Ich bin Experte für SQLScript auf der SAP HANA und leidenschaftlicher SAP BW-Berater und Entwickler. 2018 ist mein Buch “SQLScript für SAP HANA” erschienen. Meine Schulungen drehen sich vor allem um dieses Thema und um die Entwicklung im Umfeld von SAP BW/4HANA.

Dr. Benedict Baur

Trainer & Berater

Benedict is a trainer for the SAP HANA Calculation Views courses. As a mathematician with a doctorate and experienced SAP BW consultant, he can bring a lot of know-how from theory and practice into the courses.

Robert Geipel

E-Learning Trainer

Robert hat die E-Learning Kurse über SAP HANA SQLSCript in englischer Sprache umgesetzt. Als ehemaliger SAP Mitarbeiter, SAP BW Berater und Wahl-Kanadier hat er die besten Voraussetzungen dafür.

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