SAP trainings

The topics of the SAP training courses

We are all about the new technologies with the SAP HANA database. This covers both the new possibilities in SAP BW/4HANA and the native modeling of data in the database.

Getting started with HANA SQL

SQLScript Basics

The SQLScript programming language is the basis for almost every application on the SAP HANA database: as AMDP in ABAP, for CDS table functions or for native database procedures.

The focus on AMDP transformation routines

SQLScript for BW Consultants

Use the full power of the SAP HANA database for your data in SAP BW/4HANA and BW on HANA.

For the performance boost in S/4HANA

SQLScript for ABAP Developers

With AMDP you can use SQLScript procedures and CDS table functions from ABAP. Accelerate your custom development in S/4HANA

For native data model in SAP HANA

Calculation Views in SAP HANA

HANA data models with Calculation Views allow a fast evaluation of your data. With the Composite Provider, they can also be seamlessly integrated into BW/4HANA.

The training formats

Ideal for teams of 4 or more

Individual company training

A tailor-made program for you, which is exactly adapted to your team, your problems and your system status.

Ideal for self-employed and small teams

Open training

Our training weeks on SQLScript and SAP HANA Calculation Views take place every 2 months on fixed dates. You can choose modularly from our range of training courses and put together the training that suits you best.

Ideal for self-learners

e-learning courses

Recorded video courses with lots of exercises, examples and regular live consultation sessions. The courses are divided into a weekly structure, which should make it easier to keep up.

The trainers

Jörg Brandeis

Managing Director, Trainer & Consultant

I am an expert in SQLScript on SAP HANA and a passionate SAP BW consultant and developer. In 2018, my book, SQLScript for SAP HANA. My trainings mainly revolve around this topic and development in the SAP BW/4HANA environment.

Dr. Benedict Baur

Trainer & Consultant

Benedict is a trainer for the SAP HANA Calculation Views courses. As a mathematician with a doctorate and an experienced SAP BW consultant, he can contribute a great deal of theoretical and practical know-how to the courses.

Robert Geipel

e-learning trainer

Robert implemented the e-learning courses on SAP HANA SQLSCript in English. As a former SAP employee, SAP BW consultant and Canadian by choice, he has the best qualifications for this.

As an expert in SQLScriptfor SAP HANA and a textbook author, I introduce you specifically and safely to the functions and possible applications of the programming language. Especially in combination with the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW and BW/4HANA), you can use SQLScript to realize significant performance potential. For developers and consultants who are already familiar with the basics of language, SQLScript Advanced Training provides the best knowledge to complement your basics.

SQLScript Training: The Courses for Beginners and Advanced

Based on my in-depth experience in handling SQLScript, I know exactly what content is important to you if you want to further develop your expertise in SQLScript for SAP HANA. Three specially developed seminars are your knowledge advantage in the “SQL dialect” SQLScript. If you are unsure which course is right for you, please feel free to contact me. In addition to these three open training courses, I also offer on-site training in your company.


Each participant in one of my SQLScript training courses will receive a copy of my 2018 textbook “SQLScript for SAP HANA” from Rheinwerk Verlag as a ‘training document’.

SQLScript Training: On-site seminars possible

Individual and flexible: SQLScript training can also be conducted on-site training in your company. In the relaxed atmosphere of your own premises, I am happy to discuss tailor-made solutions to your on-site systems.

Your advantage: Travel and time expenditure swells while we discuss your specific requirements or current topics at HANA SQLScript in a targeted and precise manner as part of a professional training course – from standard queries to complex programming.

A SQL training on-site with Jörg Brandeis you can ask here

Your lecturer: Jörg Brandeis

Since 2015 I have been working as an independent consultant, developer and trainer with the fields SAP BW, SAP HANA and ABAP OO. My training and development workshops in ABAP OO and SQLScript help application developers, SAP BW consultants, ABAP developers, and native SAP HANA application developers work with SQLScript.

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