ABAP programming in BW/4HANA

Schulung ABAP programming in BW/4HANA

The course ABAP Programming in BW/4HANA brings you up to date with the latest developments in SAP BW.

This course can cover a wide range of topics related to ABAP programming in BW/4HANA. Depending on the knowledge and experience the participants already have, the programme is always put together individually for each client. ABAP programming still plays a major role in SAP BW/4HANA. This course has two main focuses, which we can weight according to your needs:

  • Current ABAP knowledge(Modern ABAP) with focus on backend processing in SAP BW/4HANA
  • Exits and enhancement options of BW/4HANA


The program is arranged individually. Select from the following components:

  • ABAP development in the Eclipse development environment (ADT)
  • Transformation routines in ABAP
  • DTP filter routines
  • Variable exits as BADI
  • Optional: ABAP basics for backend programming
  • Modern ABAP, among others
    • Enumerations and new data types
    • Expressions in ABAP Development
    • Inline declarations for variables and field symbols
    • Structure expressions with VALUE
    • Predicate functions
    • String Templates and Modern String Processing in ABAP
    • Regular expressions
    • Secondary indexes for internal tables
    • Internal tables in expressions
    • ABAP Meshes
    • New syntax of OpenSQL
    • SQL Functions
    • SQL queries
    • New features in object orientation

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