ABAP CDS – Core Data Services

Schulung ABAP CDS – Core Data Services

The Core Data Services (ABAP CDS) form the foundation for modern applications on the ABAP technology stack.

The Core Data Services (ABAP CDS) form the foundation for modern applications on the ABAP technology stack. In S/4HANA they play a leading role in different areas. In contrast to the SAP course S4D430, our course focuses on embedded analytics and ODP extraction using CDS views.

In this course, you will learn the technical basics for creating CDS views and CDS table functions yourself in the ABAP Development Tools (ADT). Application scenarios of ABAP CDS

  • They form the basis of the Virtual Data Model (VDM), which provides the tables of the ERP with their business semantics in a simple and understandable form.
  • With embedded analytics, SAP has created a way to analyze and evaluate operational data sets in real time.
  • You can use CDS extractors via Operational Data Provisioning (ODP). These are CDS views or table functions that have been optimized for access from BW/4HANA.


  • Differentiation between SE11 views and CDS views
  • Application scenarios of CDS
  • Simple CDS Views
  • Components of the CDS Views
    • Expressions
    • SQL functions and expressions
    • JOINs and UNIONs
    • Aggregation
    • Annotations
    • Associations with other models
    • Input parameters
  • Client handling
  • Authorization check and control
  • CDS Table Functions

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