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The sources of information about SQLScript for SAP HANA on the Internet are very versatile. However, time and structure are not always available to filter out the appropriate information from the relevant search results.

With my new reference book “SQLScript for SAP HANA” from Rheinwerk Publishing, I am countering this wealth of information with a reliable and well-founded source of knowledge. Whether as a basic package or a reference book: in this book I bundle specialist knowledge and information into a helpful standard work.

In my Blog I deal with topics that had no place in the first edition of my book. In addition, there are additions, corrections or other topics around software development and data modeling on SAP BW on HANA systems.

View into the book: “SQLScript for SAP HANA” in detail

“SQLScript for SAP HANA” is designed as a textbook and is the ideal introduction to SQLScript. All you need to bring is some basic knowledge of programming. On 430 pages I will introduce you to the use of SQLScript: Functions, language elements and application scenarios are familiar to you in the twinkling of an eye. You will learn everything about the implementation of database procedures and functions that determine the flow logic on the database in a comprehensible and detailed way.

The book also focuses on the following areas:

  • Introduction to the Query Language of the SAP HANA Database
  • The most important language elements in practical examples
  • SQLScript functions and procedures with ABAP, SAP BW, and BW/4HANA
  • Quality through tested examples and information tested on the system

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My SQLScript Trainings use the reference book as a basis. Application developers, SAP BW consultants, ABAP developers and developers of native SAP HANA applications can use it to learn the programming language. Each participant receives a free copy of the book “SQLScript for SAP HANA” from Rheinwerk Verlag as a ‘training document’.

Experience the book: Trainings and events with Jörg Brandeis

I present the contents of my book personally and practically in my SQLScript coachings and trainings. But you can also experience me live during readings or lectures. This is currently possible on the following dates:

The author: Jörg Brandeis

I am a freelance consultant, developer and trainer specializing in SAP BW, SAP HANA and ABAP OO. My trainings and workshops for development in ABAP OO and SQLScript help application developers, SAP BW consultants, ABAP developers and developers of native SAP HANA applications to work with SQLScript.

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