With SPS09 the Web-Based Development Workbench (WBDW) got a full-fledged debugger for SQLScript. You can set breakpoints in procedures and go step-by-step through the program code. External debugging for another user is also possible.
Some features that you may be used to from the ABAP debugger are not available in the SQLScript debuggers. These include, for example, jumping to another statement during execution or changing variable values.

Prerequisites for SQLScript Debugging

To use the SQLScript debugger in WBDW, you need the role sap.hana.xs.debugger::Debugger. In addition, the debugger enabled=true parameter must be set in the xsengine.ini configuration file. This is the complicated part, because you can not edit this file directly without the SAP HANA Studio and without operating system access. But there is an other way to set the parameter: With the SQL-Statement ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION you can set every parameter from the configuration files.

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('xsengine.ini', 'DATABASE') SET ('debugger', 'enabled') = 'true' WITH RECONFIGURE;

To check, whether the parameter is set accordingly, you can execute the following SELECT-Setatement:

 SELECT * FROM m_inifile_contents WHERE file_name = 'xsengine.ini';